I Am Guilty (2005) - Falscher Bekenner

I Am Guilty (2005)
Country: Germany, Denmark
Release Year: 2005
Aka: Falscher Bekenner
Director: Christoph Hochhäusler
Writer: Christoph Hochhäusler
Language: German
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 86 min
Cast:Constantin von Jascheroff, Manfred Zapatka
Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Nora von Waldstätten
Devid Striesow, Florian Panzner
Studio:Heimatfilm, Zentropa Entertainments
Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0444627/
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In this startling, darkly funny coming-of-age drama, a disaffected teenager embarks on a life of his own brand of crime. The handsome Armin (Constantin von Jascheroff) is fresh out of college and unemployed. Unable to take the pressure from his parents, he sends an anonymous confession to the local newspaper after he sees a charred car wreck by the highway. He quickly spins into further acts of rebellion, like writing pornographic graffiti on a bathroom wall and fantasizing about committing violent crimes and having forced sex with a gang of leather-clad motorcyclists. But is it really all fantasy and lies, or is there a danger lurking below Armin's innocent surface?

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