Alex and Leo (2010) - Alex und der Löwe

Alex and Leo (2010)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2010
Aka: Alex und der Löwe
Director: Ives-Yuri Garate
Writer: Andre Schneider
Language: German
Genre: Comedy, Romance 
Runtime: 97 min
Cast:Marcel Schlutt, Andre Schneider
Sascia Haj, Udo Lutz
Studio:Vivàsvan Pictures, PRO-FUN Media
Breaking Glass Pictures
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On a Berlin summer day, a chance encounter brings together two young men whose lives are in shambles. Alex is coping with a broken heart after his deadbeat boyfriend cheats on him; Leo is a media professional who can no longer hide the truth from his demanding, long-term girlfriend: he’s been attracted to men all the while.
So begins a summer of love and self-discovery for Alex and Leo. But before they can find bliss with each other, Alex must detach himself from his ex and Leo must unleash his “inner lion” to convince Alex’s oddball clique of friends that he’s a worthy suitor. Starring Andre Schneider (No Future, Half Past Ten) and Marcel Schlutt (Unfaithful, Locked Up), Alex and Leo is a heartwarming romance whose international backdrop, colorful characters and irreverent humor will delight audiences around the world.

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