Otto; or, Up with Dead People (2008)

Otto; or, Up with Dead People (2008)
Country: Germany, Canada
Release Year: 2008
Director: Bruce La Bruce
Writer: Bruce La Bruce
Language: English, German
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror
Runtime: 94 min
Cast:Jey Crisfar, Marcel Schlutt
Guido Sommer, Nicholas Fox Ricciardi
Keith Böhm, Christophe Chemin
Studio:Jürgen Brüning Productions, Strand Releasing
Heinz und Horst Productions, New Real Films
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An gay teenage zombie falls in with a pretentious experimental filmmaker who casts him in a politically themed porno while documenting his experiences as a walking corpse in this existential gut-muncher from Canadian provocateur Bruce LaBruce. Adorable twink Otto (Jey Crisfar) was wandering the streets of Berlin and feasting on road-kill when avant-garde filmmaker Medea Yarn recruited him to appear in her latest film, a porno-political-zombie flick set during the gay zombie uprising. Gradually, over the course of shooting, Medea's interest in Otto grows and she decides to make a documentary about him. Flattered by the attention lavished upon him by both the filmmaker and his smitten fellow cast-members, Otto suddenly finds his life -- or death -- gaining a newfound sense of purpose.

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