Mandragora (1997)

Mandragora (1997)
Country: Czech Republic
Release Year: 1997
Director: Wiktor Grodecki
Writer: Wiktor Grodecki, David Svec
Language: Czech
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 126 min
Cast:Miroslav Caslavka, David Svec
Pavel Skripal, Jirí Kodes
Kostas Zerdolaglu, Miroslav Breu
Studio:Water Bearer Films
Millivres Multimedia
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Marek is a 16-year-old from a provicial village who runs away to Prague when he begins to fail at school. He mugged shortly after arriving in the city and is rescued by Honza with the promise of work. Marek is taken to an apartment, drugged, and becomes a male prostitute. He is a bit smarter that his collegues and teams up with a friend, David, in order to go after bigger scores--to cash in and get out. They manage to stash away a bit of money, but when it comes time to return home, Marek loses his nerve and is soon back in the city.

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