Altitude Falling (2010)

Altitude Falling (2010)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2010
Director: Paul Bright
Writer: Paul Bright
Language: English
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 93 min
Cast:Paul Bright, William Diamond
Cynthia Schiebel, Brenda Kuciemba
Heath Allyn, Mike Gassaway
Studio:Silly Bunny Pictures
Water Bearer Films
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The man who once perfected the technology that stripped citizens of their rights finds his past coming back to haunt him in this speculative sci-fi drama. Years ago, Greg Forrester created an identification chip that was meant to be used for medical emergencies. But the corporate powers that be had other plans, and before long the government began using the chip to record sensitive personal information about the people who received it. Horrified at the blatant abuse of power, Greg moves to a secluded mountain town and falls in love with Danny, a handsome young man whose appearance in his life may be no mere coincidence. After landing his lover a government job, Greg discovers that Danny will soon be embarking on a mission that he won't be coming back from. Now, in order to save Danny, Greg will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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