Sun Kissed (2006)

Sun Kissed (2006)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2006
Director: Patrick McGuinn
Writer: Patrick McGuinn
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 91 min
Cast:John Ort, Gregory Marcel
Laura Leig, George Stoll
Dyanne Asimow, Josh Kanuck
Studio:Wolfe Releasing
Willing Suspension Films
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A young writer in search of the peace and quiet required to finish his latest novel retreats to his professor's secluded California home, only to find himself drawn to the estate's handsome caretaker in Soda Pop and Sperm Whale director Patrick McGuinn's steamy erotic thriller. Upon arriving at the sprawling desert abode, budding novelist Teddy is instantly drawn to his professor's dutiful servant Leo. In the lazy hours the follow, the pair bonds warmly over drinks before mutual curiosity finds them frolicking beneath the sheets together. Later, as Teddy begins to learn more about his new lover, he gradually starts to suspect that Leo may have murdered his young wife, and that the newly arrived writer may experience a similar fate if he fails to exercise proper caution when dealing with the increasingly unstable servant.

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