Sebastiane (1976)

Sebastiane (1976)
Country: UK
Release Year: 1976
Director: Paul Humfress, Derek Jarman
Writer: Paul Humfress, Derek Jarman
Language: Latin
Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotica
Runtime: 85 min
Cast:Leonardo Treviglio, Barney James
Neil Kennedy, Richard Warwick
Steffano Massari, Ken Hicks
Daevid Finbar, Janusz Romanov
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300 A.D. : the Roman Sebastianus is exiled to a remote outpost populated exclusively by men. Weakened by their desires, these men turn to homosexual activities to satisfy their needs. However, Sebastianus becomes the target of lust for a homosexual centurion, but he rejects the man's advances.

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