The Man Who Loved Yngve (2008)

The Man Who Loved Yngve (2008)
Country: Norway
Release Year: 2008
Aka: Mannen som elsket Yngve
Director: Stian Kristiansen
Writer: Tore Renberg
Language: Norwegian
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
Runtime: 94 min
Cast:Arthur Berning, Ida Elise Broch
Jørgen Langhelle, Trine Wiggen
Ole Christoffer Ertvåg, Rolf Kristian Larsen
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It's November 1989, and the Berlin Wall is falling. In Stavanger, Norway, teenage boy Jarle has a great new girlfriend and is starting a rock band with his buddies. But when a new boy, the synth pop-listening Yngve, joins his class, Jarle is more fascinated than he wants to be, and the world as he knows it starts to crumble.

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