Boring Love - Seng Ped (2009)

Boring Love (2009)
Country: Thailand
Release Year: 2009
Aka: Seng Ped
Director: Sarawut Intaraprom
Language: Thai
Genre: Drama, Romance 
Runtime: 83 min
Cast:Nattapol Nillapoom, Attiwat Lumkool
Intira Ketworasoontorn, Taweewat Wanta
Studio:Shine Entertainment
Weekend Project Productions
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Based on a hot topic that been posted on which later became a best-selling book, Boring Love is a comedy that tells the story of a guy named Ped who is caught in the middle of two persons who seem to have feelings towards him.
Ped and Oiy work at an airline. Oiy, who is gay, wants more than just friendship with Ped, but his heart as well. Ped, who has just broken up with his girlfriend, tries to get Oiy out of life, as he can't accept being gay. He draws closer to Oiy without realising it, as he sympathises with his plight, and Oiy is a good friend at least. However, acting on his old instincts he sets up a meeting between his old girlfriend, Kai, and Oiy, in the hope Kai can persuade him to go straight. Kai secretly fancies Oiy, and fancies her chances of converting him. Oiy discovers the meeting was a set-up. Feeling betrayed and rejected, he leaves Ped's life, just as Ped had wanted. However, once Oiy has gone, Ped discovers he can't live without Oiy, and was much closer to his friend than he realised...

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