Ice Men (2004)

Ice Men (2004)
Country: Canada
Release Year: 2004
Director: Thom Best
Writer: Michael MacLennan
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 109 min
Cast:Martin Cummins, David Hewlett
Greg Spottiswood, James Thomas
Ian Tracey, Brandy Ledford
Studio:First Frame Films
Black Walk Productions
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Old friendship falls prey to new tensions as a group of childhood friends come together for a weekend hunt, but find themselves torn apart by rising tensions and unexpected guests, in this drama from cinematographer-turned-director Thom Best. It's been years since Vaughn and his old buddies have come together for a little male bonding, and when the opportunity for a laid back winter weekend at the family cabin arises, the childhood chums set about packing their bags. The carefree old days have given way to the stress and competition of adulthood, and when new rivalries form and long-buried secrets give way to sexual tensions, the kettle begins to boil and tensions begin to flare. When a knock on the cabin door signals the arrival of some surprising guests, the relaxing weekend retreat becomes a dire struggle to salvage what little is left of the group's tenuous friendship.

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