Naked Dragon (2014)

Naked Dragon (2014)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2014
Director: G.A. Hauser
Writer: G.A. Hauser, Graham Ludlow
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 94 min
Cast:Jesse Seann Atkinson, Davon Williams
Chad Bishop, Shane Keough
Elliot Hill, Johnny Cley Rivers
Rich Y. Lee, John M. Russell
Studio:G.A. Hauser Collection
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In the worst serial killer crime spree in years, the 'Dragon' is hunting young Asian men as his victims. FBI Agent Robbie Taylor has been assigned to use his skills as a psychic to help solve the case and find out the identity of the madman. Los Angeles Police Officer Dave Harris, a rookie black cop meets up with the handsome FBI agent on one of the gruesome crime scenes. The two are immediately sexually attracted to each other and begin a secret affair that keeps them sane in the middle of all the madness. As the corpses keep piling up, their passion and love grow. Will they outwit the Dragon? Or will he get away with murder? The two men hope they survive the battle of wits and come out of the crisis alive.

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