Shame (2010) - Zonde

Shame (2010)
Country: Netherlands
Release Year: 2010
Aka: Zonde
Director: Simon Sliphorst
Writer: Clémentine Ederveen, Joost Schrickx
Language: Dutch
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 53 min
Cast:Joop Keesmaat, Daniël 't Hoen
Betty van der Schaaf, Maryam Tarami
Michael Beugelink, Selim Bugdayci
Studio:Presto Film
This year, seventy year old grumpy Johan is married with his wife Dora for fifty years. But unfortunately, Johan finds there is nothing to celebrate. Something seems missing... Something that's been out of place for all those years. He spends his daily life routine complaining and bullying and only after the moment he meets sixteen year old Yorgos, a Greek shop employee, he starts to realize he may only have a very short time left to stop denying his true feelings and identity.

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