Gloomy Salad Days (2010) - 6th Story: Xiao Lun - Da Dong - Si Shen Shao Nu

Gloomy Salad Days (2010)
6th Story: Xiao Lun - Da Dong
Country: Taiwan
Release Year: 2010
Aka: Si Shen Shao Nu
Director: Zero Chou 
Language: Mandarin
Genre: School, Romance, Mystery
Runtime: 101 min
Cast:Ah Ben, Zhang Yong Zheng, Afalean Lu
Zhang We Yao, Aaron Yan, Serena Fang
Imdb: N/A 
This drama involves 12 different stories. Xiao Lun - Da Dong is 6th story.
Xiao Lun is a very gentle and weak pretty guy who likes to do nails art on the girls in his class. Because of his gentleness all the girls in his class likes him a lot. However, Xiao Lun is always being picked by the bad guys at school. And the head of the gang who always bully, Da Dong is always forcing him to clean the classroom as charity in order to pay his debt.Xiao Lun is always pissing Da Dong off because he is too sissy. And he even went so far hitting and almost undressing Xiao Lun when he was bullying him.Because of some circumstances, Da Dong and Xiao Lun got closer after Xiao Lun saved Da Dong. And when Da Dong realized he was getting more and more attracted to Xiao Lun, the hell breaks loose.

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