Stay with me (2016) - Online Short

Country: Taiwan
Release Year: 2016
Aka: Shi liu gong li chang de ye
Director: Lin Jian Ho
Writer: Lin Jian Ho, Wu I Fang
Genre: Short, Drama
Runtime: 28 min
Cast: Lin Je Wei, Yu Huai Jie, Jiang Jung Ming...
Language: Mandarin with hardcoded English, Chinese subtitle
Facing rebellious faze and helpless family problems, Jie-Yu chose to take refuge in the safe harbor of friend Yan-Shiu. As the relationship between them develops further and further, the sexuality within Yan-Shiu towards Jie-Yu also grows. The film describes the main character Jie-Yu stuck in the middle between friendship and romance, he seeks for the sanctuary between lust and emotion. During the process, his weak characteristic leads his emotion to happiness, avoidance and pain. Running away from home, through 16 Kilometers of night, reflects the emotion of Jie-Yu for Yan-Shiu, slowly he starts to face his own emotion.