7 Kinds of Wrath (2014)

7 Kinds of Wrath (2014)
Country: Greece
Release Year: 2014
Aka: 7 thymoi
Director: Christos Voupouras
Writer: Christos Voupouras
Language: Greek, Arabic
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 105 min
Cast:Maximos Moumouris, Nikos Gkelia
Sofia Kokkali, Harris Fragkoulis
Ieronimos Kaletsanos, Vasilis Xenikakis
Studio:Boo Productions
Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4235516/
Petros is an archaeologist who experiences the naked Greek paranoia in the center of Athens. Either by choice or coincidence, he comes into contact with people who are "different": An Arab immigrant, who comes to Greece, a land of "infidels", determined to conquer it by any means; A Greek-French cello player, who is burdened by the agony of her alcoholic mother; A young Albanian pianist, who carries the curse of his own personal genius and divinity; A Greek immigrant, who was repatriated but now has nowhere to call home; A bank director, who believes everything can be bought, even love; A patrolman, who creates his own version of socio-political reality. Petros' contact with these people is in fact a traumatic experience. For each encounter he has to pay a price. Sometimes the price is material, while other times it's emotional. At times it is both. Will the experience gained make up for the loss?

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