I Am Trash (2014)

I Am Trash (2014)
Country: South Korea
Release Year: 2014
Director: Lee Sang-woo
Writer: Lee Sang-woo
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 97 min
Cast:Lee Sang-woo, Yang Myeong-heon
Park Hyeong-bin, Kwon Bum-taek
Kim Tae-In, Jo Yong-seok
Yoo So-hyeon, Kim Eun-tae
Studio:2Mr Films
Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3996810/
After their father (Kwon Bum-taek) was sent off to prison for sexually assaulting an under-aged girl, Sang-woo (Lee Sang-woo) and his two brothers Sang-tae (Yang Myeong-heon) and Sang-goo (Park Hyeong-bin) struggle to live a normal life. Now, the three emotionally damaged brothers must deal with the aftermath of their father returning home after his release from prison.

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