Boy (2012) - Online Short

Boy (2012) - Short

Country: Netherlands
Release Year: 2012
Director: Tami Ravid
Writer: Cecilie Levy
Genre: Short, Drama
Runtime: 45 min
Cast: Gerald Gonzales, Arvin Quirante, Bart Klever...
Language: Dutch, Tagalog with hardcoded English subtitle
"Boy" tells the story of an invisible member of our society, an undocumented Filipino cleaner. He has no name. Moving continuously from one location to the other, he is living between being seen and being invisible, between his life with his boyfriend, an erotic dancer, and his role as financial provider of his family back home. All this changes when his boyfriend auditions for a dance company and one of his employers commits suicide. A charming photographer shows interest in him. He wants him as a model for a photo series.

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