You, Queer (2016) - Marica Tú - Online

Country: Spain
Release Year: 2016
Aka: Marica Tú
Director: Ismael Núñez
Writer: Julián Almazán, Alfonso Casas
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 56 min
Cast: Abel Zamora, David Novas, Celia de Molina...
Language: Spanish with hardcoded English subtitle
Julian (Abel Zamora) came to Madrid to look for a job as a graphic designer. While job hunting, he also men hunting and in the process met Carlos (David Novas). They had a good relationship but Carlos has to move because of his job and Julian does not want to go with him. After Carlos, Julian has strings of hook-ups, but what he doesn't realized is he is still in love with Carlos. The feeling is not mutual because Carlos had moved on. Some of the scenes are back and forth when Julian was with Carlos and the present.

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