The Prodigal (2012) - Online Short

Country: South Africa
Release Year: 2012
Director: Michael John Phillip
Writer: Michael John Phillip, Howard Fyvie
Genre: Short, Drama
Runtime: 19 min
Cast: Kyle St John Peters, Julian Goldswain, Howard Fyvie...
Language: English
An experimental look at sexual identity, redemption and grace – The Prodigal tells the tale of a young man, Mark, caught between two worlds; the world of his Christian father and that of a beguiling young man, Dean. This state of decision is depicted on screen by the vivid white beach where Mark is seen walking – alone, isolated and searching. His search leads him deeper into the waters of the ocean, even as he delves deeper into Dean’s world. This parallel visual interpretation provides a unique and important look at the issues that face our young generation, and the question that Mark – and each one of us – must face in this life. Are we ever in something so deep, and so far, that it is impossible to get back to shore?

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