The Moment You Realize (2014) - Online Short

Country: Canada
Release Year: 2014
Director: Agostino Leone, Ashley Devries
Writer: Agostino Leone
Genre: Short, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 7 min
Cast: David Michael Moote, Matthew Fuller, Becca Schreiber
Language: English
Suicide among LGBT youth is extremely prominent in our current society, with suicide rates on the rise. This short film centres around the attempted suicide of the character Heath who is sent to the hospital for a psychological evaluation and must face his biggest challenge. Coming to terms with his sexuality. This short film depicts how the LGBT community and its youth continually struggle for acceptance and tolerance within the context of sexual awareness. Knowing oneself and staying true to who you are is the running theme of this film. Understanding that love should never be questioned but cherished and admired. We hope that this short film brings awareness and education for the LGBT youth who feel so ostracized that suicide becomes there only escape.

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