Bromance: My Brother's Romance (2013)

Bromance: My Brother's Romance (2013)
Country: Philippines
Release Year: 2013
Director: Wenn V. Deramas
Writer: Ays de Guzman
Language: Filipino, Tagalog
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 105 min
Cast:Zanjoe Marudo, Carlo Romero
Joey Paras, Lassy Marquez, Atak Arana
Cristine Reyes, Arlene Muhlach
Nikki Valdez, Joy Viado
Studio:Skylight Films, ABS-CBN Film Productions
Brando and Brandy are twins, one is straight and the other is gay, and both incessantly argue with each other. When Brandy is hit by an ambulance and goes into a coma, Brando reluctantly pretends to be Brandy to pay his debts and salvage his gay brother's business.

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