Struggle (2010)

Struggle (2010)
Country: Canada
Release Year: 2010
Director: Bruce Locke
Writer: Bruce Locke
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 94 min
Cast:Matt Sims, Arthur Vilner
Jamie Potts, Peter Buzny
Jason Farro, Stefan Maroni
Mark Pariselli, Terri Stevens
Struggle is the story of Darren, a young gay man, who arrives in Toronto seeking a new life. Running out of money, and with nowhere to live, he quickly falls in with a group of gay rent boys. Complicating matters for himself, he falls in love with Steve, one of the group. Steve already has a boyfriend. While desperately trying to avoid becoming a prostitute himself, Darren's loneliness and infatuation with Steve eventually sets him on a downward spiral with tragic circumstances.

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