Fall, Hot Rain (2006)

Fall, Hot Rain (2006)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2006
Director: Matthew Hunt, Adam Revesz
Writer: BJ Castleman
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 67 min
Cast:Matthew Hunt, Norbert Orlewicz
Anthony Johnston, Charlton Szapiro
Clarence Sponagle, Kristoffer Pedlar
Melissa Jane Shaw
Studio:Depth of Field Films
Imdb: N/A
Roger Mivic (Norbert Orlewicz), a struggling gay artist, is about to open his first one-man show at local gallery and is struggling to complete several large canvases for the opening. His work is full of anger and rage. Societies intolerance has left its mark on Roger. He has, himself, been a victim of bashing, as have several friends. Because of experiences in his later teens, he has become obsessed with the violence rained down upon gay men and the lack of concern society has shown. This obsession boils out in his art that is full of violence and rage. Such canvases fill his loft: the exception being a single romantic painting.

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