Camellia Project (2005)

Camellia Project (2005)
Country: South Korea
Release Year: 2005
3 Queer Stories at Bogil Island
Director:Choi Jin-sung, Lee Songhie-il, So Joon-moon
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama 
Runtime: 93 min
Cast:Hwang Choon-ha, Kim Wang-geun
Jeong Hae-shim, Jeong Seung-gil
Kim Tae-yong, Song Ju-hee
Homosexuality has always been one of the biggest taboos of Korean society and a cause for controversy when portrayed on screen. Shin Seung Soo's 1985 film Dreams of The Strong was one of the first to treat the subject frankly, and it took another decade for works like Broken Branches to emerge from the dark. While recent gay-themed films like Road Movie and Sweet Sixties sank at the box office, King and The Clown and its 12 million tickets brought the subject back into mainstream media. The omnibus indie film Camellia Project - Three Queer Stories At Bogil once again tries to challenge social perceptions and preconceived ideas with three stories about homosexuality in contemporary Korea.

"Kim Chu Ja" (dir. Choi Jin Sung)
Choon Ha and Wang Geun fell in love in high school, but were forced to separate when the priest discovered their relationship. Nine years later, Choon Ha watches a martial arts event on TV and realizes one of the fighters is Wang Geun, who now has a daughter. The three go on a trip together, with the songs of Kim Chu Ja bringing back their painful memories. Director Choi Jin Sung wrote the script of the recent comedy Dasepo Naughty Girls and has directed several documentaries.

"Drifting, Island" (dir. So Joon Moon)
It's been two years since Jin Wook and Yeon Hu left Seoul for the island of Bogil. They wanted to escape from the suffocating hold of the city and enjoy time together on the quiet island. But the two start to realize things are changing - enough to make one want to leave. After "Drifting, Island", So Joon Moon went on to produce several making of documentaries for major Korean films, including A Dirty Carnival, Romance, and the recent hit War of Flowers.

"La Traviata" (dir. Lee Song Hee Il)
A woman travels to Bogil Island to deliver a letter, the last words her dead husband left for his lover. When she reaches the island, she realizes it was a man her husband loved. Overcome by pain, she spends her time observing the man, who now runs a guesthouse with his young lover. Already an acclaimed short film director, Lee Song Hee Il toured dozens of important festivals with his works, and previously took part in the 2002 omnibus Sex Is....

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